We help industry leaders protect and de-risk their investments, projects, and people

Daniel H. Kristensen, Managing Partner

Are we the right fit for you?

We work with companies within Tech, either invited in by the investor side of the table or the operating companies' various levels of management. Typically top management, as this allows us to work at the point of the greatest Impact.

You are looking for higher certainty of outcomes. All great professionals are, as this is the best indicator that the processes underpinning your business or your investment's business are sound and calibrated to the journey ahead.

Our assessment methodology is simple, it's the exact process and its execution that brings the value.

1. Assess how best to support the needs and strategy of management

2. Evaluate the current set of systems that are supporting the business, and how it is complemented by the organization

3. Bring clarity on roles, responsibilities, and systems on a tactical level to accommodate the roadmap and likely scenarios ahead

Fee structure 

  • Early stage: Equity + yearly retainer
  • Scaleup: Quarterly Retainer + equity
  • Mature: Monthly Retainer

Region focus

  • Nordics
  • CPH based


Clear leadership

Trust in the process

The neuro coaching will create a very focused leadership group.

We help provide enhanced trust in the commercial and technical processes that propels the underlying business forward.

Finding A player spots

We represent the skill set necessary to identify and specify where the need for A players are the greatest. The highest need for the right performance and behavior, and how to get the current org atuned.